Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wishing Mike A Belated Birthday With Baked Goods!

My friend Mike had a birthday towards the end of September.  For his birthday I told him that I'd make him something sweet and delicious and that he got to pick what it was! I've been super busy lately, so I didn't have a chance to make what he wanted until this week.  

With lots of yummy things to choose from, he ended up choosing................ 

M&M cookies!

I went with his choice, but added peanut butter chips to about half the dough for an added surprise!  

I'm actually not very happy with the way the cookies were photographing though. I take my cookies out when they're still a little bit gooey to ensure they stay chewy for a few days - that is if they last a few days... 

Nevertheless, they tasted amazing! 

Alison, Mike's fiance and one of my dearest friends, came over for dinner the night I baked the cookies and she was my guinney pig taste tester!  

She approved (even if they don't look too pretty...)!

Happy Belated 26th Birthday Mike!  

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