Monday, October 5, 2015

Whiskey Wednesday: Jameson & Coke Float

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!
A few months ago, I started a fun new blog series - 
Whiskey Wednesday!!!

If you missed them, here are the last few:
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Make sure to check back each month for a new recipe!
Whiskey Wednesday will happen every first Wednesday of the month.

This month's Whiskey Wednesday post kinda fell in my lap.
While killing some time at the mall recently,
 I spotted a jar of Vanilla Bourbon Caramel sauce
and I knew I had to include it in Whiskey Wednesday somehow.

After tossing a few ideas around with some friends,
I decided I'd be using the sauce in some kind of soda float.
While I do love a good root beer float,
this is Whiskey Wednesday so I needed a lil more whiskey!

So I did the only logical thing,
and turned a Jameson and Coke into an adult float,
that included the Vanilla Bourbon Caramel sauce too!
And here's how to make it:

The Goods:
Vanilla Ice Cream

Start by pouring one shot of Jameson into each glass.

Followed by a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

 Now it's time to open up the Vanilla Bourbon Caramel Sauce.

I think I could eat this by itself...

And drizzzzzzzzzzzzzle all over the ice cream!

Add the last ingredient to make the float - coke.
Make sure that the coke is extra cold 
and if it's not feel free to throw in an ice cube or two!

Add some bendy straws and serve to your guests!

While I'm sure a Jameson and Coke float alone would be great,
the addition of the Vanilla Bourbon Caramel sauce took this drink to the next level!

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