Wednesday, December 10, 2014

That Time Christmas Took Over My Apartment

Yup! You read that right, folks.
Christmas has officially taken over my apartment!
It started the day after Thanksgiving and has continued ever since.

I'm pretty sure I'm done decorating for 2014, 
so I figured it was about time I share my Christmas decor! 
Please keep reading to see all the holiday festiveness.

Going to the local lot and getting my Christmas tree!
A girlfriend went with me to get my tree this year,
and she was SHOCKED they strapped it to my sedan!

Now that I have the tree, let's start from the front door.

Getting festive with my DIY yarn wreath that I made last year.
And the DIY copycat PEACE sign I made this year.
Detailed post on the sign coming soon, so check back!

Little Christmas knickknacks scattered around my apartment. 

Christmas kitchen fun!

My wonderful Christmas tree with and without the lights on.

My TV stand gets decorated for every holiday.

And my mantel gets decorated too!

Even my bathrooms get decorated!

Love me some festive towels.

Homemade snowflakes that have amazingly lasted a few years!

LOVE these banners, but I can't get them to stay put!
Every time I walk by the den, the darn thing is dangling.

Ahhhhhh flannel sheets! I put them on this past weekend,
and have loved climbing into my cozy bed every night since!

See? Holiday towels once again!

And last but certainly not least,
GIANT ornaments hanging outside.

Hope you enjoyed my Christmas decorations tour.
And if you'd like to see past year's decorations,
then check out 2013 and 2010


  1. I love your Christmas spirit! Everything looks beautiful. I, too, go all out for the holidays. I just can't help myself! I am stopping over from Kelly's. I am #36 if you get a chance!

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback! Can't wait to check out your decorations soon! :) Happy Holidays!!

  2. I like your giant ornaments outside, and like you, I love my flannel sheets!

    1. Thanks Natasha! I got the ornaments YEARS ago at a drug store for like $10 bucks! I'm on the hunt for some ones that actually light up though!