Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Last Minute Gift: DIY Fingerprint Snowmen Ornaments!

With only two days left until Christmas,
I'm done buying and wrapping all my gifts,
but I know there are people that wait until the last minute!
And if that's you, I have a super easy and fun idea for you.

Last year, I started a tradition of making homemade ornaments.
I made Thumbprint Reindeer Ornaments to give as gifts.
I liked the idea and decided I would do it each year!

So I knew this year I had to do something equally as cute,
and after looking online for ideas, I decided to do

And this year, I personalized them depending on who I was giving it to.
For example, friends with a new baby got one with three snowmen - one tiny of course!

I've been a busy little elf this December, doing lots of crafts and baking,
and when making these I forgot to take a picture of "The Goods"
I'm sorry. Please forgive me! 

Just know you'll need the following supplies...
Clear Ornaments - I use glass, but plastic is probably more safe.
White Paint - any kind will do and I just used what I had.
Paint Pens/Markers - used for all the snowmen details.
White/Iridescent Crinkle Filler - optional, but I ended up using.

Now keep reading to see how I made all six of them!!

You can make your snowmen one of two ways.
You can paint your fingers and place them on the ornament,
or you can be a little more OCD (ahem - like me!) 
and use just your fingertips to make your snowmen.
Either way - make your snowmen and let dry completely.

Once dried, add your eyes, nose and buttons.

And then get creative adding accessories however you'd like!

This one is for the family mentioned above.

All six decorated and ready to be given as gifts!!!

Now that you see how simple it is,
get to work and make some of your own!!!

And since I've decided to make this a tradition,
I'd love some suggestions on ideas for next year's DIY ornaments!
I like the thumbprint/fingerprint them so I'd love to stick with that.

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