Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DIY Christmas PEACE Decorative Sign + Coupon Code!!!

Around the holidays last year, 
I really liked the idea, but didn't like the price.
I thought to myself - hey I bet I could make that!!
And I bet I can make it WAY cheaper too!

I already had so much on my plate,
so sadly I didn't get around to making it last year.
But a few months ago I remembered the idea
and knew I wanted to make it for this Christmas!
And guess what?
I already had a piece of MDF the perfect size!
If that wasn't a sign (to make the sign - hahahaha)
I don't know what is!

After deciding I was really going to make it this year,
I decided on using vinyl letters instead of paint.
I know myself and if the letters were perfect,
I wouldn't be happy with the end result.
I measured my board and figured out what size letters I'd need.
I determined I wanted 8-inch letters and ordered them online.
While I was waiting for those to arrive in the mail,
I decided to figure out my painting technique.

I really wanted it to looked distressed, 
but I was using MDF board and not real wood, 
so I was a little scared how the sign would turn out.
After looking at numerous sites online,
 I decided to just give it a go!

The Goods:
MDF Board - 1 foot x 4 feet
Recycled Painting Paper
Green 8" Vinyl Letters
Vinyl Applicator
White Paint
Paint Brush
Steel Wool

Lay out your painting paper and get your paint ready.

Without putting too much paint on the brush,
paint the entire board, not covering up everything.

Let paint dry completely.
This shouldn't take long at all.
Because you don't use a lot of paint.

Next, take your steel wool and rub some paint off,
Keep working until you get your desired look.
I didn't have to remove much.

Once done, wipe down with a very damp cloth.
Let board dry completely before starting the letters.

Using a tape measure and pencil,
measure out your letter placement.
Once I thought I knew where each went,
I taped them down lightly with scotch tape.

Oh yeah - this guy was my letter helper.
He stayed by my side the entire process!!

Once done taping all the letters down,
step back and make sure everything is inline
and looks how you want it to.

Next, place the vinyl according to your markings
and use the vinyl applicator to make sure it adheres.

Remove the transfer paper and onto the next letter!

Anddddddddd you're done after just five letters!!!

Displayed outside my front door.

Even though this doesn't look exactly like the original inspiration,
I am SUPER happy with the way it turned out.

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