Friday, June 12, 2015

DIY: Mom's Bible Verse Sign

After using vinyl letters to complete this project last Christmas,
I knew I was hooked and would be using them again!

Luckily for me, Alphabet Signs and I teamed up once again,
and not only was I able to make another fun project,
but I was able to gift it to my mom for her 60th Birthday!

After finding out my mom's favorite bible verse,
I got in touch with the awesome people at Alphabet Signs.

I figured out the exact size I wanted to make,
played around with their Vinyl Sign Designer,
and turned to their amazing staff for the final help I needed.

This will be a pretty long post but make sure to read to the end,
for another great Coupon Code from Alphabet Signs!

The Goods:
Alphabet Signs Vinyl Lettering
Matte White Paint
Paint Brushes in 2 sizes
Round Paint Tray
1-inch Finishing Nails
Tape Measure

I had Lowes cut my fence pickets and furring strips.
If you have a saw you can do it yourself.
But they were super nice and helpful!

Last time I used vinyl letter to make a DIY project,
I had an awful cute lil furry helper,
so you bet I had another helper this time too!

Lay your wood fence pickets out to make sure you get the look you want.

Put a thin layer of wood glue on one side of the furring strips.
Then secure them to the back of the fence pickets using the finishing nails.

One furring strip on top and one on the bottom made for a secure sign.
Now leave it alone and let the wood glue dry.

I left it overnight to be on the safe side.

Now get to work sanding ALL the wood.
Keep sanding until you have a smooth surface.
Not only will this will help the paint go on easier, 
but it will also help you avoid a splinter too!

It doesn't look much different,
but I can promise you it feels different!

Now that the sanding is done it's time to paint!

Do one thin coat of white paint...

Then let the white coat of paint dry completely.
I ran a quick errand when waiting, and it was dry when I returned!

Now get your yellow paint ready.

Then paint two coats of yellow.

And let those dry completely too.
I let mine dry overnight just to be safe!

Now it's time to do a little distressing to the paint.
I didn't want a ton, but I wanted it to show a little.
So I just did a quick sanding once again.

After distressing, make sure to wipe down the surface with a damp cloth.
You want it as smooth and as clean as possible before applying your vinyl.

Using a tape measure, figure out the placement of your vinyl.
I used small pieces of scotch tape to keep it in place.

Once your vinyl is laid out, now it's time to apply!
I simply flipped up the vinyl, keeping the top part taped,
and removed the backing from the vinyl letters/words.

Carefully return the vinyl transfer sheet to where it was originally placed.

Next, used the awesome tool shown above from Alphabet Signs
to make sure the vinyl letters/words adhere to the wood completely.

Now slowly pull up and remove the transfer paper,
making sure the vinyl letters don't come off with it!

Repeat the vinyl application steps again...

Until ALL your vinyl is applied!

Then step back and admire your work!!!

Yes, the white letters on the yellow paint is very subtle.
But to be honest - it's the look I was going for!
I didn't want it to be so bold and IN YOUR FACE, 
so I'm very happy with the way that it turned out!!!

Now...for the part I'm sure you're all waiting for -
THE COUPON CODE from Alphabet Signs!!!

Want to get the same exact vinyl as I used above?
Well then head on over to Alphabet Signs
use the code ROBYNSVERSE during checkout
and you'll receive the same verse in the same size and color!
Enter the coupon code in Step 2 of the checkout process.
Look for the "Have a Coupon" link. 

And act quick folks, offer only valid for first 10 customers!


  1. Hello, visiting from Christian Fellowship Friday. This is beautiful. I love the yellow color and how you put step-by-step pictures. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hey! Thanks so much! :) Hope you have a great Friday!!