Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Garden Update!

When I posted my March Garden Update,
I mentioned that I was starting something new,  
where I post a Garden Update the last day of every month!

So since today is the last day of the month,
I have the May Garden Update for you!!!

My jalapeno plant is growing and producing like crazy!
I cannot believe how many peppers and buds are on it.
I'm still shocked that it survived the winter,
and now it's amazing me once again!

Six buds/blooms and four peppers!

This pine tree really needs to be transplanted.
But then I'm scared it will just get way too big!
It's amazing that it started out less than a foot.

I always think I'm going to lose these geraniums.
But even if I trim them back like crazy,
they always end up coming back and surprising me.

Last month, I mentioned my gardenia bloomed
and that I had a few more waiting to bloom.
I couldn't help but clip one off of them off
and put it on my bathroom counter!!!

It looks pretty, but smelled even better!!!

Sadly, the last bud fell off before blooming.
Womp womp!

And lastly - look at all those lemons!
Lemons, lemons, lemons!!!
I have a bunch in many different stages.
Keep coming lemons!!!

Which bring me to this...

I'm worried that I may not keep getting lemons!
Look above at the damage to the leaves!

Something is eating them and I'm not happy.
I looked and didn't see a caterpillar.
And do they even eat lemon tree leaves?
Anyone out there on the www got any ideas?


As a reminder -
I will be blogging about garden updates 
every last day of each month.

It may not be a complete update each month,
but it will be about something in the garden.

So keep coming back to see what I have growing!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Favorite Road Trip Essentials

Happy Friday Everyone!!
I'm back today for another Friday Link Up!
And again, I'm linking up with THREE different groups.
Make sure to check them all out at the bottom of this post!

The past few days I've been out of town celebrating my mom's birthday.
I had quite a bit I needed to bring and instead of flying I decided to road trip.
So since I just went on a road trip, I thought it'd be perfect to share

If I'm going to be sitting in the car for hours,
comfy clothes and shoes are 100% necessary.
I aim to be in pants with a stretchy waist,
a loose fitting top and shoes I'll be comfortable in.
I like to keep a light jacket handy too if it gets chilly.
Pants: Old Navy Compression Capris,
American Apparel Shiny Leggings and BP Essential Leggings
 Tops: Mossimo Loose Racerback Tank and Mossimo Long and Lean Tank
Shoes: Chuck Taylor Sneakers and Old Navy Classic Flip Flops

On road trips, I hate stopping unless I have to.
Instead I try to bring as much with me as I can.
It's easier, cheaper and most likely healthier too!
If I bring enough healthy snacks with me,
it most likely prevents a fast food stop!
Fresh fruit or veggies that are easy to eat like apples, grapes and baby carrots.
And to treat yourself throw in granola bars, pretzels and some gummy bears too.

Regular or Iced Coffee is an absolute MUST for me!
And it's not pictured but LOTS and LOTS of water too.
You've gotta keep your body hydrated while driving folks!

If coffee and water isn't enough for you,
bring along a yummy green juice or grab a smoothie!

Getting lost on a road trip is never fun.
If you have a phone with GPS - use it!
If your phone doesn't have GPS,
look up directions before departing
and keep a map with you for the drive!
Waze and Google Maps

Listening to music makes any drive faster for me.
Long or short drive, it doesn't mater.
And I love a good mixed CD for a long road trip too.
There's just something about jamming out in the car
that makes a long boring drive much better!
Some of my favorites at the moment are....
Alabama Shakes Always Alright 
Andy Grammer Honey I'm Good 
Carly Rae Jepson I Really Like You 
George Ezra Budapest 
Jason Derulo Want To Want Me 
Little Big Town Girl Crush
Maroon 5 Sugar 
Meghan Trainor Dear Future Husband 
Sheppard Geronimo
Walk The Moon Shut Up and Dance 

Make sure to plan ahead to have things to pass the time!
If you're traveling alone listen to a podcast, books on CD
or even safely (read: using bluetooth) call a friend!
If you have a travel buddy - play a fun game,
like the License Plate Game or even Mad Libs!
License Plate Game and Mad Libs

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Turkey and Pesto Panini

I recently made a batch of pesto for some pasta I was making.
I had some leftover and didn't want to make more pasta,
so after a little brainstorming I decided to make:
Turkey and Pesto Paninis!!!

I'd never actually made a panini before,
but thought what the heck and gave it a shot!
It was SO easy to make and incredibly tasty.
In fact, I made it again just two nights later!

Keep reading to find out how easy it really is to make.

The Goods:
Sourdough Bread
Deli Turkey
Balsamic Vinegar 
(Not pictured - oops!)

Butter one side of the bread and then cover the other side with pesto!

Heat up your grill pan over medium-high heat and spray it with oil.
Put the buttered side of the bread on the grill pan and start to build.
I did turkey, mozzarella and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.
I meant to add the arugula at this step, but I was distracted and forgot!
Don't be like me and remember to add your arugula!!!

Once the bread starts to get nice and toasted,
add the other slice of bread and flip over to grill that side.

After both sides are toasted and your cheese is nice and melted,
remove and let cool on a cutting board for about a minute.
Slice in half and you're ready to eat!

Since I forgot the arugula, I whipped up a small salad to have with it instead.

Now go make one for yourself!
I think your stomach will thank me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bubble Bath Review: Rite Aid Bubble Bath

This is a non-sponsored review and I purchased my own Bubble Bath.

and the month before I shared my thoughts on Lush Bubble Bars in this post!

Getting the hint yet that I'm into bubble baths?
And that I'm sharing my thoughts on ones I try?
If you have any bubble baths you love,
I'd love your suggestions so send 'em my way!!!

I got today's bubble bath Rite Aid.
As in the drug store.
The one where they sell scoops of ice cream!
MMMMM ice cream.

Ok back to bubble bath.
The Rite Aid Renewal Bubble Bath!

They had a few different scents.
I smelled them all and left with two:
Sweet Pea and Warm Vanilla Sugar

This one is a no-brainer.
Simply pour the liquid bubble bath under running water.

And in my case, get impatient and remove the cap...

Boom. Bubbles!!

The more you add, the more bubbly your bath will be.
And I personally love me some bubbles!

Didn't think I forgot something to drink and reading material, did you?

Would I buy the Rite Aid Bubble Bath again?

It smelled great, produced great bubbles and was less than $5!
You really can't beat that in my opinion.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Red, White and Blue Cupcakes!

but with Memorial Day a week away 
I thought it'd be fun to share again.
They're so easy to make and very festive too!

I made a version of this cupcake for Easter - with spring colors, and I knew that it would be fun to make with other colors for different holidays. So how could I NOT make red, white and blue cupcakes to celebrate the Fourth of July? I'd be crazy not to, so I made them for a few friends and my co-workers to enjoy right before the actual holiday.

They are super easy to make, so take a look at how I made the fun little treats!

The Goods:
White Cake Mix
Vegetable Oil
Strawberry Jell-O Mix
Berry Blue Jell-O Mix
Cream Cheese Frosting

Pour the cake mix into mixing bowl.

Add the water...

Then the oil...

And now the eggs!

Mix it alllll up!

Set out three bowls.
One for RED, one for WHITE, and one for BLUE!
Put the Strawberry Jell-O mix in one bowl 
and the Berry Blue Jell-O mix in another.

Fill all the bowls up with an equal amount of cake mix.

And mix the ones with Jell-O!

This is what it will look like. 
I know - not crazy appetizing,
but it tastes good...I promise!!

Put Cupcake Liners in the pan.

Spoon red mix into the cups...

Then cover it with white mix...

And finish it up with a layer of blue!

Bake according to the box directions.

Here they are after baking!

Leave them alone until completely cool.

Put your frosting into a piping bag...

And frost the cupcakes!!!!

Then take them to work for your co-workers to enjoy!
Or eat them all yourself.
Do what you want, I won't judge! :)