Friday, May 29, 2015

Favorite Road Trip Essentials

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The past few days I've been out of town celebrating my mom's birthday.
I had quite a bit I needed to bring and instead of flying I decided to road trip.
So since I just went on a road trip, I thought it'd be perfect to share

If I'm going to be sitting in the car for hours,
comfy clothes and shoes are 100% necessary.
I aim to be in pants with a stretchy waist,
a loose fitting top and shoes I'll be comfortable in.
I like to keep a light jacket handy too if it gets chilly.
Pants: Old Navy Compression Capris,
American Apparel Shiny Leggings and BP Essential Leggings
 Tops: Mossimo Loose Racerback Tank and Mossimo Long and Lean Tank
Shoes: Chuck Taylor Sneakers and Old Navy Classic Flip Flops

On road trips, I hate stopping unless I have to.
Instead I try to bring as much with me as I can.
It's easier, cheaper and most likely healthier too!
If I bring enough healthy snacks with me,
it most likely prevents a fast food stop!
Fresh fruit or veggies that are easy to eat like apples, grapes and baby carrots.
And to treat yourself throw in granola bars, pretzels and some gummy bears too.

Regular or Iced Coffee is an absolute MUST for me!
And it's not pictured but LOTS and LOTS of water too.
You've gotta keep your body hydrated while driving folks!

If coffee and water isn't enough for you,
bring along a yummy green juice or grab a smoothie!

Getting lost on a road trip is never fun.
If you have a phone with GPS - use it!
If your phone doesn't have GPS,
look up directions before departing
and keep a map with you for the drive!
Waze and Google Maps

Listening to music makes any drive faster for me.
Long or short drive, it doesn't mater.
And I love a good mixed CD for a long road trip too.
There's just something about jamming out in the car
that makes a long boring drive much better!
Some of my favorites at the moment are....
Alabama Shakes Always Alright 
Andy Grammer Honey I'm Good 
Carly Rae Jepson I Really Like You 
George Ezra Budapest 
Jason Derulo Want To Want Me 
Little Big Town Girl Crush
Maroon 5 Sugar 
Meghan Trainor Dear Future Husband 
Sheppard Geronimo
Walk The Moon Shut Up and Dance 

Make sure to plan ahead to have things to pass the time!
If you're traveling alone listen to a podcast, books on CD
or even safely (read: using bluetooth) call a friend!
If you have a travel buddy - play a fun game,
like the License Plate Game or even Mad Libs!
License Plate Game and Mad Libs

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  1. I try to balance "healthy" snacks with food from fast food places. Banning fast food entirely (or anything entirely) just makes it harder for me to resist. And lots of coffee or tea is a good idea!