Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Garden Update!

When I posted my March Garden Update,
I mentioned that I was starting something new,  
where I post a Garden Update the last day of every month!

So since today is the last day of the month,
I have the May Garden Update for you!!!

My jalapeno plant is growing and producing like crazy!
I cannot believe how many peppers and buds are on it.
I'm still shocked that it survived the winter,
and now it's amazing me once again!

Six buds/blooms and four peppers!

This pine tree really needs to be transplanted.
But then I'm scared it will just get way too big!
It's amazing that it started out less than a foot.

I always think I'm going to lose these geraniums.
But even if I trim them back like crazy,
they always end up coming back and surprising me.

Last month, I mentioned my gardenia bloomed
and that I had a few more waiting to bloom.
I couldn't help but clip one off of them off
and put it on my bathroom counter!!!

It looks pretty, but smelled even better!!!

Sadly, the last bud fell off before blooming.
Womp womp!

And lastly - look at all those lemons!
Lemons, lemons, lemons!!!
I have a bunch in many different stages.
Keep coming lemons!!!

Which bring me to this...

I'm worried that I may not keep getting lemons!
Look above at the damage to the leaves!

Something is eating them and I'm not happy.
I looked and didn't see a caterpillar.
And do they even eat lemon tree leaves?
Anyone out there on the www got any ideas?


As a reminder -
I will be blogging about garden updates 
every last day of each month.

It may not be a complete update each month,
but it will be about something in the garden.

So keep coming back to see what I have growing!

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