Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Whiskey Wednesday: Irish Mule

When Moscow Mules started to get really popular,
I was intrigued by the copper mugs they were served in.
I'm not a big vodka drinker, so I sorta forgot about the mugs.

I've been making Irish Mules for awhile now,
but like lots of other cocktails, just served it in a highball glass.
I didn't even THINK about getting myself a copper mug.

Why would I? 
They're only for Moscow Mules, right???
No, no they are not!

And even if they are - hey I break a rule or two here and there.
One of my dear friends got me my very own copper mug 
as a Christmas present and I absolutely LOVE it! 

I recently posted this picture to Instagram
and one person thought I was enjoying a Moscow Mule.
Nope, I was sippin' on a very similar, but slightly different

What's that you may ask?
I could tell you, but showing you is better!

The Goods:
Ginger Beer
Lime Juice
Copper Mug

Fill your copper mug about half full with ice.
I like crushed personally, but use whatever you desire. 

Now squeeze your lime juice into the mug.
I tend to use a whole lime, but half is probably enough.

Next add a shot (or two) of the whiskey...

And then top it off with some yummy ginger beer!

Last, add a slice of fresh lime, serve and enjoy!!!

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