Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Link Ups Galore!!!

After THREE weeks of Linking Up with three different blogs,
I'm back again for another fun Friday Link UP, 
but this time I'm linking up with ALL three at once!!

And with Christmas being less than a week away,
I thought it was the perfect time for this post
because it's all about preparations for the big day!

If you're not done yet shopping, wrapping, etc. just yet,
hopefully some of the below will help you!

Keep reading to find out about my
Christmas Day Preparations!

Gift Giving!
I love to see people happy with gifts I give.
And I make myself happy by not dealing with crowds!
I didn't go to the mall ONCE this season.
Every year I've done more and more online shopping.
And last year got smart when I started using Ebates!
Who doesn't want to get money back after shopping for others?
Sign up here if you haven't yet!!!

Fun Wrapping!
Even if the gift doesn't cost a lot or is homemade,
I enjoy wrapping and ribboning each gift that I give.
(Yes, I just said ribboning...)
I love all the fun paper, ribbons and bows
and have a hard time not buying more than I need.

DIY Decorations!
I LOVE Christmas Decorations.
See evidence here, here and here!
But I love them even more when they're DIY.
I was inspired by Karli when she posted this.
So what'd I do? I did one myself this year!
But changed a few things to make it my own!!!
A detailed post on the process can be found here.

Christmas Goodies!
I make some type of Christmas goody every year.
Some years more than others and I think this year takes the cake!
I spent ten, yes TEN, hours baking away this past Saturday.
I ended up with hundreds of goodies in six different varieties.
My coworkers, neighbors and local firemen were the lucky recipients!

Christmas Dinner Planning!
Last year I made the entire meal for 13 people!
You can read ALL about the deliciousness here.
We're doing a much more simple dinner this year,
but I'm still in charge of most of the cooking!
What are some of your must have's on the Christmas table?

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Happy Friday and Happy Holiday All!!!

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