Saturday, December 21, 2013

2013 Christmas Decorations

If you haven't figured it out yet - I really like to decorate for the holidays!

I think Christmas is my favorite holiday and this year I've gone ALL OUT! 
My parents will be here for almost a week and I couldn't help but make my place pretty festive. 
I'll have to say - I'm pretty happy with the outcome and I am quite certain that I this year's decorations are my favorite yet!!! 

Take a look below at all the fun things I have around my place.

I got my FIRST real Christmas Tree as an adult! 
This beauty is a little over five and a half feet tall and smells quite delightful.
After having a real tree, it's going to be quite difficult to go back to an artificial one...

The front door is pretty decorated! 

I, of course, have the my homemade yarn wreath hanging on the outside.
Along with some other cute touches - lights, cinnamon pinecones and a Santa decoration!

Inside I have my Dear Santa list on the chalkboard wall.
The Christmas bible verse is framed and placed on the table my dad made me!
(I got this and other fun FREE printables online, but now I can't find the links for the life of me. I'm sorry!!!)

This view is one of my favorite view this season. 
The top left picture is what you see while standing in my kitchen - and I do that quite often!

I made the "Believe" banner and it was 100% all me!
No online inspiration for this fun DIY decoration. :)

Some more fun Christmas touches around the living and dining areas!
I bought the Santa printable from here, but the "Hark the Herald" one is another FREE printable that I can't find. 
Again - SORRY!

I painted the smallest nutcracker years ago and decided this year that I need more nutcracker decorations.

I could use some more snowmen and Santa decor as well!

(Hint, Hint!)

Another favorite view right now is my TV stand. 
I love the pinecones, I love the red holly berries and I especially love my nativity!!!
My grandma painted the nativity just for me and I am SO happy to have it.

This tree is about three years old and I bought it when it was less than a foot tall! 
I can't believe it's still living and it's SO big!

The garland at the top is new this year and right over the den's french doors.
I think it looks great and can't believe I haven't done this the last two years!

The rest are garlands/banners that I either made this year or last year. 
I have a thing for these kind of decorations, can ya tell?

Bathroom, bedroom and kitchen decorations!
I am SO happy I finally switched to flannel sheets. My bed has been extra toasty!!

I adore the wine bottle that lights up, but I cannot take credit for it.
I received this as a gift a few years from one of my oldest friends. 

That's it! 
Well, that's it for now at least.

I really think I'm done decorating, but you never know...
I added a red poinsettia to the front door display today and that's not pictured,
so who knows if I'll do anything else.

I'd love to see your decorations.
I need some inspiration to create for next year! 

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  1. Your place looks great! I love the string of ornaments under the Joy To the World banner! Very festive!