Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Homemade Holiday Cards

Last year, I posted about my homemade Holiday Cards and I quickly decided I'd do it again this year because I love being able to look back at cards I've made in years past.

Now that Christmas is past, I think it's safe to share these with you all!

Take a look below at the cards I made for 2013!

 I made this group of four first to send in the package to Kansas City.

Then I went card making crazy one night and made TEN cards!!!

 The first group of five.
I have to admit...
I stole the presents idea from a friend!

And the last five!
Can you tell I liked the nativity stickers this year???
I just wish I had more for years to come!

That's it!!
Check back next December for the Holiday cards of 2014!

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