Monday, October 12, 2015

DIY: Halloween Bat Decorations

Last Fall, another blogger shared bat cut outs she used to decorate for Halloween.
I loved the idea and made a mental note to use them while decorating this year.
I've scaled my Halloween decorations back this year, but I had to include these's bats!

They are SO easy to make and can be completed in very little time.
I got the cut out pattern from Country Living here,
and like Andrea, I scaled the original down just a little bit too.

Now let me show you how easy they really are!

The Goods:
Black Cardstock

Cut out your template and then trace it on black cardstock that you've folded in half.
Make sure the template is on the folded side, otherwise you'll have two halves of a bat.

Once traced, cut out all the bats carefully.
This didn't take me very long, but I only did about a dozen.
If you're doing a lot - put on a tv show and get to work cutting the bats out.

Now grab some painters tape and your cut out bats.

And apply a loop of tape to the back of each bat...

And then stick them to your wall in a fun flying pattern!

That's it folks!
Super easy, super inexpensive, and super fun!

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