Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Decorations Part 2!

A few weeks ago I posted about my Fall decorations and I've wanted to add more, so that is exactly what I've done! :)

I originally planned to put apples in this basket. I knew that real apples wouldn't last long and if I was going to go the fake route, they had to look pretty darn good!

I ventured out to find them yesterday, but instead came home with mini pumpkins. I love them! And it gave me the idea that in winter I'll swap out the pumpkins for pine cones. 

While out looking for the apples, I also came across this cute lil' guy.  

I'd been looking for a scarecrow decoration and this one was perfect. Didn't hurt that it was on sale on top of it already being a bargain! 

I also added a pumpkin outside the front door (pictured below), which will be carved next Friday night.  In years past, I've purchased my pumpkin from a local farm, but this year I wanted something quick and without any hassle.  I saw the line to the farm nearby on my way home from the store and was so happy with the pumpkin I'd just purchased for $2.99!

Last but not least, I've had an electric jack-o-lantern inside all season, but not many people get to see it.  I don't have outlets outside, but tonight I realized that the cord can fit under the door without any damage. 

I think a nice wreath with Fall leaves or Sunflowers or something seasonal would be the last finishing touch.  Maybe soon... :) 

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