Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Garden - 5 Weeks

It rained three days earlier this week. It wasn't constant rain for three days, but a pretty good amount each day. After day two I thought that a few of my crops were getting too much water so I covered my beets and carrots with the chairs and brought the basil inside. It lived in the guest shower stall for a good 24 hours and seemed to not mind one bit!



I have to admit, I was scared that it might, but the rain didn't do any damage.  Yes, I know - rain = good for gardens, but too much rain isn't...

The herbs are still all doing amazing.  Even with cutting back the Flat Leaf Parsley and Garlic Chives a week ago, they're still going strong.  The Parsley may be a lil small still, but I have faith it'll be full and leafy again in no time!

Flat Leaf Parsley

Garlic Chives




Upright Rosemary


My Basil plant continues to amaze me!
And look - it even has tiny new growth near the soil.

My Spinach is still doing great, but not much with it has changed. I plan on enjoying it in a couple salads this week!

My Snap Peas looks really cool, but it is still just the vines. I can't wait until it starts to produce food! 

The Tomato Plant looks kind of sad.  I've finally come to terms with it and can admit it. Although it's appearance isn't the greatest, it's still thriving.  I see new flowers and tiny tomatoes all the time and am excited to see new clusters growing!  

And last but not least, the Jalapeno Plant.  I have about 5 mini jalapenos growing with other blooms and tiny buds too!

Check back next week for the latest progress! :)

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