Sunday, October 24, 2010

Amazing Apple Pie in Autumn!

Last night when I walked into the bulk warehouse store by my house I was instantly drawn to huge green apples that looked so crisp and tasty.  I instantly wanted to make an apple pie, so guess what? I did just that!

I cheated a little bit though - I used a frozen pie crust. :( I was too lazy to make the dough since I was making other things too, and to be honest I think it still tastes great!

Instead of using both crusts I made a brown sugar crumble topping.  I've made a few apple pies before, and after thinking about it, I've always used the crumble instead of the traditional two crust method...

Before baking.

And after.
I wanted to eat it instantly, but I was good and waited!

Anyway - the pie, is great. I love all the festive foods that come along with the fall season and this pie is absolutely one of them! 

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