Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Garden - 6 Weeks

I originally thought that there wasn't anything new to report about the garden, but about halfway through taking this week's photos I realized that I was ALL wrong...

Once I got closer to take pictures of the individual herbs in my big container, I realized that something had started to attack my Garlic Chives.  There were what appeared like little black eggs all over the individual chives closest to the soil.  I'm thinking either aphids or thrips, but that's just after some quick online research.

I did a quick inspection of the two other herbs and the spinach in that container and those seemed fine, so I made a quick decision that the chives were past the point of saving and they had to be sacrificed to save everything else.

Before I realized the Garlic Chives had to go...

And after!
RIP Garlic Chives

Other than the small little problem mentioned above, everything seems to be going well with my garden.  I have five tiny jalapenos, numerous green tomatoes, but still no actual snap peas!  I'm hoping they'll come soon because the plant sure looks amazing!

Jalapeno Plant

Tomato Plant

Tiny Green Tomatoe Clusters AGAIN! :)

Snap Peas

The Herbs are all doing great as well - except for the chives as mentioned above. My fingers are crossed that I was right and the cilantro and parsley aren't contaminated, but I'll know soon enough!


Flat Leaf Parsley

Upright Rosemary

Anyone need any mint? I have tons!!!



Sometimes Ming likes to help!

And last but not least, are the crops I planted for fall - beets, carrot and the spinach! Not much has changed with the first two - which is sorta sad... and I think one of the spinach plants is in the beginning bolting stage. I know you can't really stop it but I'm trying. Other than that though, the iron-filled green is thriving!  




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