Saturday, October 16, 2010

Homemade Catnip Toys: Take Two!

A couple months ago I attempted to make homemade catnip toys with catnip I'd grown, dried and crumbled.  You can read all about that here

I knew that I'd give homemade catnip toys another go eventually and that time is now! This time I'm taking a different approach though.  

A few weeks ago I noticed my catnip was getting big enough to cut down again, so the catnip toy process was beginning. I chopped it almost completely to the soil and gathered the stocks I'd cut into three bunches then hung them to dry.  

I noticed towards the end of this week that it was dry enough to use, so this afternoon I took the dried stocks outside to crumble.  The leaves easily slid off and I crumbled them once they were in the zipper plastic bag.  

My cats were inside watching me do this and Kahn could not stop crying. At one point, Ming was up on the desk peaking trough the blinds trying to get a better look.

Well they didn't have to wait too much longer to enjoy the goodness because I made the ground catnip into two new toys tonight!  I used fabric from some sleep shorts that I never wear anymore and the ribbon came from them as well! Can't get much more homemade than that.  :)

One catnip toy for each kitty!

Kahn wanted the first of the two even before I was done making it. He was pacing around me and climbing on the back of the couch.  I gave him a tiny piece of crumbled catnip and he instantly went crazy on the coffee table. Uh-oh...what am I in for when he gets the actual toy???

This is what I was in for!!!

He loveeeeeed it and went crazy playing with it for a good 15 minutes.  Ming loved it too, but wasn't as obsessed as his lil striped friend.

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