Sunday, October 24, 2010

Festive Fall Foods!

I loooooooove Fall, or Autumn as some call it. I like the sound of both, but Fall just comes more natural. I think it's one of those regional things because most people in Arizona and California call it Fall.

Anyway, I love Fall for so many reasons! Pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Corn, Pies, Crisp Air, Leaves changing colors, Squash, Apples, Lower Temperatues and sooooo much more.

A few weeks ago I was so excited for Fall and to get the season started, I attempted two different recipes for baked butternut squash. I'd never done it before, but I think both were a success.  I don't remember why - but I only have a photo of the candied one. I assure you though that the other was super tasty too!

The first of the two times I made a candied roasted squash. I love sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar so I thought that this would be just as great.  It was amazing, but I was a little impatient and a few parts could have been cooked a little more.

That same evening I was reading a magazine and found a recipe for a roasted butternut squash with butter and thyme. I had some thyme in my fridge from roasted carrots, and I thought what better thing to do with the herb and the squash I had left over?

Over all, both recipes were tasty, but I preferred the one with thyme over the candied version. I was in shock to be honest because I thought I'd for sure lovvvvvvve the sweet sugary one but the thyme won me over.  :) 

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