Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Things I'm Lovin' Tuesday: Noosa Yogurt

This is a non-sponsored review and I purchased my own yogurt.

A few months ago I started another monthly blog series called
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Now onto what I'm lovin' this month...

It's no secret that I love to eat.
And when I find something I like,
I tend to keep eating it for awhile.
Sometimes I get burnt out on it,
but not with this particular item!

Sometime towards the end of 2015,
I spotted noosa yogurt while grocery shopping.
I was intrigued so I bought one to try. 
They had quite a few flavors available,
but I am a big lemon fan so I went with that kind.

After just the first bite I was hooked!
It was so creamy and delicious.
And the consistency was so unique,
unlike any other yogurt I've ever tried.
I quickly decided I'd buy noosa yogurt again!

I'm not quite sure what makes it's "Aussie Style",
and I even asked a friend who lives in Sydney,
but neither of us can figure it out.
Whatever it is, it makes this yogurt AMAZING!
And just typing this post makes me want to eat one.

I've tried lemon, coconut and passion fruit,
but they have many other flavors that sound tasty too.
Have you tried noosa yogurt yet?
If not you really should give it a try!
I don't think you'll be disappointed.  

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