Thursday, May 12, 2016

DIY: Knot Hair Ties

I've purchased Knot Hair Ties before,
but if you've been around awhile,
you'll know I'm really into DIY projects,
so of course I made some myself!

And they are not only super easy to make,
but you can make them the exact size you want!
You'll see below that I actually made two different sizes,
some small enough for a lil gal and matching ones for her mama!

The Goods:
Tape Measure

I decided on 8 inches for the big hair ties.

Measure out the fold over elastic.

Cut and then fold in half.

Tie a tight knot near the end, leaving a little out.

Carefully sear the ends with the lighter.
This will prevent the elastic from fraying.

Finished hair ties!

And the mama/daughter set!

I couldn't stop at just the polka dots though.
Because I'm equally a fan of cheetah print!!!

And blue cheetah print is pretty cute!

Lots of finished knot hair ties!

And this is an AWFUL picture I'm about to share,
but the best I could take myself so I'm sorry!!!

My hair is super thick and heavy,
so one hair tie is never enough no matter what.
And next time I'll make them a little longer for myself
because I think that'd help make them just a lil more secure!

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  2. The hair ties you made are really cute!
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