Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Things I'm Lovin' Tuesday: Trader Joe's Cold Brew Coffee

This is a non-sponsored review and I purchased or received as a gift my own coffee.

A few months ago I started another monthly blog series called
If you missed the first few, you can find them:
hereherehereherehere and here,
and make sure to check back every last Tuesday of the month!

Now onto what I'm lovin' this month...

If you recall, I am a pretty big coffee fan.
and today I'm here to share with you a little shortcut,
but it's a shortcut that I'm loving!!!

Not too long after discovering cold brew,
I also discovered that Trader Joe's sells an amazing one.
The taste is amazing and the price is right!
I was hooked the first time I purchased it.

So if you like coffee,
but more specifically if you like cold brew,
you should really check out this one from Trader Joe's!
Other fun ways to use it can be found here too!!

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