Tuesday, January 12, 2016

DIY: Teacup Pin Cushion

For Christmas, I made my grandma a Teacup Pin Cushion.
She loves tea and she is always sewing,
so it seemed pretty fitting that I make this for her.

This DIY project was incredibly easy,
and once I had everything ready to go,
really only took a few minutes to complete!

Take a look at how simple it is!

The Goods:
12x12 Square Fabric
Hot Glue Gun
Hot Glue
Fabric Scissors

 Add Poly Stuffing to middle of fabric,
enough to fill up teacup plus more to overflow.

 Push needle and thread through gathered fabric one time...

 Making sure there's a knot at the end...

 Then wrap the thread around a few times.
Make sure to pull tight so it's secure.

 Trim off the excess fabric.

 Place dome side up in teacup and hot glue all over to secure.
The more glue the better in my opinion!!!

 Lastly, place some pins in the new pin cushion!!!

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