Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bubble Bath Review: Mr. Bubble

This is a non-sponsored review and I purchased my own Bubble Bath.

It's the third Wednesday of the month,
so of course that means another Bubble Bath Review!
And did you know that there are only seven, 
yes SEVEN Wednesdays left (including this one) in the year?!?
Wow time sure is flying!!!

Do you guys remember Mr. Bubble from your childhood?
It's been around since 1961, so chances are good that you do.
I for sure remember it, but I didn't remember it's bubble quality,
so of course I had to buy and review it when I saw it recently.

I read the directions and started with two ounces...

And just like most bubble bath's,
just pour under running water!

But I quickly learned two ounces wasn't enough.
Not nearly enough AT ALL!
So I added about half the bottle
(maybe a little more if I'm being honest)
And had a decent amount of bubbles!

I'm betting you already know how I felt about this bubble bath.
 Mr. Bubble was not as amazing as I remember from my childhood,
but I'm sure that's mostly because I like A LOT more bubbles now.
So - for kids this bubble bath would be great, but not so much for adults!

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