Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bubble Bath Review: Avon Bubble Delight Bubble Bath

 This is a non-sponsored review and I purchased (or received as a gift) my own Bubble Bath.

It's the third Wednesday of the month, so you know what that means folks?
If you guessed another bubble bath review...then you're absolutely right!!!
You can read my past bubble bath reviews hereherehere and here!

As I mentioned the last few months
(I hope I don't sound like a broken record...)
If you have any bubble baths you love,
I'd love your suggestions so send 'em my way!!

My mom has been ordering Avon for YEARS.
She even had the same Avon lady almost my whole life,
and I can't remember her using anything except Avon Bubble Bath.

We live in different states now,
but when my mom's about to put an Avon order in,
she almost always ask me: "Are you low on bubble bath?"
Aren't moms the best???

When I started doing this little Bubble Bath Review series,
I had no doubt that I'd be doing an Avon Bubble Bath one too.
SPOILER - I'm absolutely a fan of this bubble bath!!!

Over the years I'm sure I've tried EVERY Avon Bubble Bath,
but I've learned that I do have a couple favorites!
are two scents that I almost always have on hand.

Vanilla Cream won out for this night's bubble bath!

Like the last few month's,
this bubble bath is a no-brainer once again!

Simply pour the bubble bath into running water...

Then sit back, relax and enjoy all the bubbles!
I went a lil crazy with the bubble this time, but oh well.

Oh and of course make sure you have the essentials:
something to drink, something to read, your phone and candles!
In my opinion - bubble baths are much better with a candle or two.

I know I already let the cat out of the bag,
but there is no doubt that I'm a fan of Avon Bubble Bath,
I've loved it since I was young,
and I foresee myself loving it for years to come too.

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  1. I love Avon bubble bath! I have been using it since I was young & it is still the only kind I buy :) My favorite is just the plain pink, but I loved the pumpkin spice one they used to make for fall. I haven't been able to find it in a few years which is a bummer! Stopping by from #summerfamilyfun, thanks for the fun inspiration! Have a great day!

    Alexis @