Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Home Tour Link Up!

Last December, a fellow blogger came up with an idea I loved!
which happens two Tuesdays every single month!

I knew I wouldn't be participating in every single one,
or even every month for that matter,
but a few struck my fancy and I marked them in my planner!

I take pride in keeping a nice, clean home,
and am always thinking of ways to redo or redecorate something.
So you bet I was excited for today's Show and Tell:

While I don't currently live in a house,
I have worked hard to make my apartment a "home"
and I'm excited to share it with you guys today!

Come on in!
I almost always have a some sort of seasonal decor outside my front door.
And if it's a wreath, you can bet I made it myself!

Two different views of the front door from inside.

While I do wish I had a more updated kitchen, as a renter I can't be too picky.
I do love how open it is though, because it makes entertaining so much easier!

I also love the open living/dining room with vaulted ceilings.
Confession - my living room already looks a tad bit different. 
I made some small changes, but I didn't have time to snap new pictures!

A few more shots of the dining and living room from different areas of my apartment.

Head down the hall and the guest bath is the first door to the left.
Having an extra bathroom is a must with any type of company!

The rest of the hallway from a few different directions.

Continue down the hall and the second door to the left is the den.
Also known as the guest room when I have family in town visiting.

And at the end of the hall you finally reach my bedroom!
And guess what? These pictures aren't 100% accurate either
because I've made a few small changes in here too.
I told you at the beginning of the post - I'm always redecorating!

More views of the bedroom.

And yet even MORE views of the bedroom!
I lost a walk in closet when I moved into this place,
but the wall of closets has proved to be pretty amazing too!

Lastly, the master bath that is connected to my bedroom.

I hope you've enjoyed the virtual tour of my little home in Los Angeles!

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  1. You've made great use of space! I love all of the decorating touches!