Friday, April 24, 2015

Favorite Picnic Recipes!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!
I'm back today for another Friday Link Up!
And again, I'm linking up with THREE different groups.
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Now that it's Spring and the weather is getting warmer,
I bet a lot of you will be spending much more time outside.
So today I though it'd be a great time to share

I have made every recipe below at least once.
They can be enjoyed both in the comfort of your own home,
but also on a fun outdoor picnic with family or friends!

1. Quinoa Broccoli Cheddar Bites
These are great either hot or cold.
And can even be made a few days in advance!

2. Chopped Italian Salad
If you won't be eating this right away,
I'd suggest keeping the dressing and salad separate,
and tossing right before you're ready to dig in!

3. Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken - 3 Ways!
Another recipe that can be eaten hot or cold!!
I'll be honest and I actually prefer the chicken cold.
And with three different options - you can please multiple palates.

4. Quinoa Apple Salad
This is just one of the many quinoa salads I make on a regular basis.
They're so easy to make, super filling and incredibly tasty!!
You can see a few more here, here and here.

5. Homemade Hummus and Pita Chips
While store bought hummus and pita chips are good,
there's just something about homemade that makes them better!!!

And as a bonus, I'm giving you a SIXTH recipe,
which is a mighty tasty and fun little dessert!

6. Strawberry Shortcake Push-Up Pops

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  1. Hooray for picnicking and delicious food! Thanks for linking these yummy recipes. :) Have a lovely weekend!!

    1. Thanks Brenda! Hope you have a great weekend as well! :)

  2. Oohh with picnic season coming up, I love these recipes!!

    <3 Sarita it's my girls' world