Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Things I'm Lovin' Tuesday: Desert Nova The Hip Bag

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Now onto what I'm lovin' this month...

One of my dear friends recently came out with a great bag!
When she first told me about it I was a little skeptical about the idea,
but after seeing it in person and feeling the quality,
I knew it was something great and I wanted one ASAP!

To start off - these bags are really cute!!!
The details are high quality and simply amazing.

While I'm not a music festival goer like my friend,
I knew I could make use of it in many different situations myself.
There are many times it's easier to not carry a bag and have a free hand.
And it's even better if you still look really cute!

I could have used it last year at Tacolandia!
I could use it while horseback riding even!!
How would YOU wear your bag???

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