Sunday, April 3, 2011

Surprise Birthday Party Food!

My friend's birthday is April 4th, but to celebrate we had a SURPRISE party for them on Saturday. They had no idea and were quite surprised. It's always great when the surprise actually works.

It was a tiny gathering and many of the guests contributed to the meal, which was made up numerous different hors d'oeuvres.

I contributed two dishes - one vegetarian option and one meat option as requested.

For the vegetarian I went with a caesar salad. That sounds like a cop out, but it's not! I did what I always do and made my own croutons. I've tried bagged ones and they're just not the same. So dry and hard and stale. Bleh! Mine...mine are spicy and crisp and flavorful!

Homemade Croutons
(NOTE: This is an old photo and not of the actual birthday croutons.)

I don't normally make my own caesar dressing, but for the special occasion I did! The birthday girl makes a mean caesar dressing, so a week or so before the surprise I said I wanted to make her dressing for dinner - I just didn't say WHAT dinner! She told me what she did. I followed directions and I'm told it was on par. Woo Hoo! Glad I didn't disappoint the birthday girl. 

The dressing ingredients.

The dressed salad!

Now onto the meat dish. The oh so amazing BACON WRAPPED JALAPENO POPPERS

All prepped and ready for the party!

Before baking.

Ready for waiting party guests.

Holy wow these babies are amazing. I've made them a couple times before, but somehow I seem to forget how ooyey and gooey and delicious they are until I make them again. And then I eat three, or maybe more than three. Who was counting? :) 

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