Sunday, April 3, 2011

Goodbye Jalapenos, Hello Strawberries

Last week I said my Jalapenos were a little droopy and I hoped they'd be okay, but I'm sad to report that they aren't. In fact, they've been put to rest in a white plastic trash bag and place gently into the trash. RIP little plant. I'm sure the soon to be replacement will be just as great as you were! 

In happier news, with the Jalapeno plant leaving the garden, I had an extra planter and could now transplant the strawberries. They recently fell from the hanging planter and I'd been waiting to transplant them. Now was the prefect time!

The last of this week's excitment is the fact that my Dahlia tubers are FINALLLLLLLLY sprouting. I can't even remember how long it's been since I planted them, but I do know it's been well over a month. I have two of the three ones I planted sprouting from the soil. Yeah! :) 

Sorry for the awful, blurry photo quality.
There's a sprout there. I'm not lying!

And now onto the rest of the garden...

All of herbs except the Flat Leaf Parsley are doing great. I really wish that the Parsley was doing well and I could actually use it because I cook with it on a regular basis. So often that I broke down and bought a tiny little bunch of it from Trader Joe's today for a recipe that I wanted to make for dinner.  (Look for that post next!)





...was the forgotten herb to photograph this week. :(
I'm sorry - I'm not doing this on purpose!

The garlic and shallots continue to do great. I use them in cooking very often and can't wait to use ones that I've grown myself. Soon, but not THAT soon!



The radishes were the final victim of the rain and wind from a few weeks ago, but they seem to be doing fine now. I'm really glad that I didn't lose them too and can't wait to get my first harvest from the spicy lil suckers.

My little lime tree keeps on thriving and making me happy. It sure loved all the rain we've gotten recently. I'm still super scared I'm going to kill it somehow though!

And lastly - the tomato plant. I'm so dumb and somehow forgot to take a picture of the wonderful plant too, but I assure you that it's doing well. In fact, there are abfew little yellow blossoms waiting to turn into tomatoes. I can't wait until they start popping up like last year!

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