Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Jalapeno Hunt of 2011!

Ever since my jalapeno plant died, I knew I'd replace it with a new one. I had a little extra time on Sunday afternoon and figured what better time than now to get a replacement!

I went to Target because I knew I'd seen them in the garden center there before. When I got there, I found out that the garden center was closed! :( Bummer.  

There is an OSH very close and I decided I'd try there next. They have a HUGE garden section, so I thought I'd have no problem finding one there. Turns out I was wrong! They seemed to have every pepper BUT the jalapeno. Double Bummer!

There's a local farm on the way home that I've purchased produce at numerous times. I knew they sold flowers and a few other plants  and I had nothing to lose, so I stopped there for my final attempt at finding a jalapeno plant today! Womp such luck. Triple bummer! Strike three - I was done for the day!

I guess next weekend I may need to make a trip to Sperling, who hasn't let me down so far!

Enough of my onto talking about plants I actually do have. :)

The tomato plant is doing exactly as I wanted and expected. It's getting bigger every day and the blossoms just continue to pop up. It's still a tiny little guy, but I'm sure it'll be huge in no time! 

The lime tree is doing amazing too. It keeps getting bigger and is staring to fill out now.

Thankfully the strawberries are liking their recent transplant. They seem to be doing well in their new planter and there are SO many little berries!

The herbs are all doing well - except for the mint, which I've completely taken out for the time being. Mint is like weed so I know it'll be back in no time. Why is it gone though you may be wondering. Well...I just wasn't happy with it's condition and thought I was best to start from scratch! We'll see how it goes.

And as mentioned above, the other herbs are all thriving!





Flat Leaf Parsley
So tiny but coming back from almost nothing!

Even though the radishes got beat up not once, but twice, they are doing quite well! I can't wait to see what happens with the lil guys.

The garlic is growing like crazy. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The ones I grew last year didn't flower, but I'm wondering if these will this year.

Just like the garlic, the shallots are doing extremely well. I cannot believe how well they are doing actually. I am so excited for them too.

And finally... last but not least, the Dahlia tubers have now ALL sprouted. I've been waiting for what seems like FOREVER for them to sprout and now they have. Their daily progress is amazing and it's so noticeable too. I can't wait to see what happens and will be sure to updated with all the exciting stuff!

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