Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Dinner in LA

In my last post I said I'd be blogging about Easter dinner later. Well later has now come. :) It is time for you to read all about my FIRST experience making Easter Dinner!!!

But first - I have to show the deviled eggs I had earlier in the day. You can't have Easter without deviled eggs! My eggs weren't dyed so it wasn't the full on Easter Egg experience, but they still tasted great. 

Now onto dinner...

I wanted to keep things kinda traditional, so I started with a ham. I'd never made a ham before so I looked at many recipes, Googled many questions - how much ham per person, how do I lay the ham in the roasting pan, how thick do I slice it, etc..., and asked a few people for advice!

The ham before baking.

After baking, being covered in glaze and baking some more!
aka Waiting to be carved and eaten. 

After all that, I am proud that I didn't fail! 


Actually, I'm proud that it tasted pretty darn amazing. I ended up making this recipe!  It even smelled so good that a non-Ham eating friend said they may need to try it as leftovers.  

Ha! :)

In addition to the ham, I made my Easy Roasted Potatoes - using gold instead of red potatoes, the AMAZING Buttered Rosemary Rolls that are always a hit, and a new recipe that I'd wanted to make for awhile  - Classic Glazed Carrots!

And of course, simply because it's been a staple at every holiday meal in my family for as long as I can remember...a relish dish!!!

Here's Dean and Melissa, the amazing couple who helped me celebrate this special and wonderful holiday. 

Sadly, that's the best picture I have of the whole spread. :( I was in such a rush getting things to the table and it wasn't until halfway through the meal that I realized I forgot to photograph almost EVERYTHING!

Sad, so very sad!

I know this doesn't come close to making up for it...but this it the to-go version of the meal that I'm taking to work with me for lunch tomorrow. I'm absolutely looking forward to these leftovers!

I had a wonderful Easter and hope you all did too. I look forward to making many more Easter dinners for the wonderful people in my life in the years to come.

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