Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh How My Garden Grows!

While my garden has been doing well for awhile, it seems in the last week or so that the growth has just increased tremendously! My herbs are thriving, the tomato plant has new blossoms all the time and the flowers I planted what seems like months ago are FINALLY starting to flourish. 

Those flowers I've waited forever for are my Dahlias, Poppies and Snap Dragons. I'd pretty much given up on all of them, but a few weeks ago I saw the tiniest sprout popping up from one of the Dahlia tubers I planted. The Poppies and Snap Dragons had sprouted before the Dahlia, but they weren't growing well so I wasn't planning on anything happening with them. Suddenly, over the last week or so, the all three flowers started growing like crazy and are now thriving!


Window Box with Dahlias, Poppies and Snap Dragons

I didn't plant these from seeds, but I'm still as excited about their growth!

My new Tulips for Spring

Calla Lily

And my newest addition - my Easter Lily
Thank you very much for the beautiful plant, Dean and Melissa!

Enough with the flower talk and onto the edible stuff! :)

Just like my flowers, my herbs are going crazy! I cannot believe how big my Rosemary is getting!!!


Flat Leaf Parsley




Newly planted cat grass!
My cats LOVE this, so I almost always have some growing.

Not much has changed - that I can see - with the Shallot and Garlic recently. The greens are getting bigger, so I'm hoping that the progress underground is just as good, if not better!



My Tomato Plant has new blossoms almost daily, but the growth seems slower than last year. I'm hoping the size doesn't mean it's not going to produce as well!

The Lime Tree is still kickin' and I haven't killed it! I'm still really scared that I'm going to kill it before I even get to enjoy a single lime off the lil sucker! Keep your fingers crossed for the tree AND for me! 

I'm still a little worried about the Radishes too, especially since my parents planted some after I did and theirs are doing better.  Only time will tell I guess...

My Strawberry plant on the other hand is doing AMAZING. While I've had it for a few years now, I have never seen it with so many tiny berries at the same time! I'm so excited for it and can't wait for the berries to start to get bigger and turn red.  

The new Jalapeno plants are doing great too. No blossoms on any of the plants yet, but they're really getting bigger!

And lastly...because I haven't given you a view of the entire garden in a very long time, I leave you with a few pictures looking in different directions on my balcony. Enjoy!

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