Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cocoa Pebble Marshmallow Treats

I was recently looking at the traffic on my blog and realized that many people were interested in my Fruity Pebble Marshmallow Treats!  Because of that I decided I'd give another type of chewy treat a try this weekend.

I've done the traditional Rice Krispy ones numerous times and even tried Apple Jacks once too.  This time I was in the mood for something chocolaty though, so I went with Cocoa Pebble Marshmallow Treats!

The Cocoa Pebbles

The Marshmallows

All mixed up!

It was so hard to let it cool, but I managed to wait long enough.

How were they?


The marshmallow in a way tasted like the milk if you'd eaten the Cocoa Pebbles the traditional way. 

These babies will absolutely be made again in the future!

Hope you all enjoy these as much as you seemed to enjoy the Fruity Pebble ones. :)

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