Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Beginnings in My Garden!

I know I haven't posted about my garden in a few weeks, but I've had good reason for waiting!

My garden is currently in a ... transitional phase! I recently planted new "crops" and flowers and plan to add even more soon!

Yes, there are the herbs that have been there for awhile, and the awesome lime tree, but other than that it was must soil. How fun could it really be to look at pictures of soil? Not fun - that's why I spared you all the boringness! :)

While I'm speaking of the old favorites... here they are!

Flat Leaf Parsley





Lime Tree!
Still so exciting. 
I can't wait to see if I'll already get fruit this year.

But this week - things got much more interesting!

When I came home from work on Thursday, I noticed that the radishes had sprouted and there were so many! I knew it was time to thin them and went to work on Saturday morning.

Here's before thinning.

And after!

And equally exciting - I have eight, yes EIGHT! garlic sprouts coming up from the soil. I couldn't believe it and counted twice. Unfortunately they don't photograph well, so you'll have to just take my word for it! :) You'll see them soon, promise. 

Sadly, the shallots aren't so exciting. In fact, I don't see any signs of life coming from where I planted them 2 weeks ago. Soon I hope, soon!

And sadly, none of the flowers I've planted have really sprouted yet either. I planed Dahlia tubers (a first for me!), Snap Dragon seeds and California Poppy seeds. I can't wait for the beauty and the amazing smells.

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