Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's Spring And My Garden Is Growing!

It rained quite a bit last weekend and a good amount this week. Because of all the rain, my garden has taken a little bit of a beating. :(

You're probably asking how rain can be a problem for a garden. Well, it's a problem when you get TOO much rain and the containers start overflowing even with drain holes!

All in all though, my garden is doing great!

The garlic and shallots just keep getting bigger and bigger.



Every garlic clove I planted sprouted, but it doesn't look like I'll have the same luck with the shallots. All but one of the lil suckers made it, so I guess I can't be too upset!

For the most part, the herbs are doing great for too! 

The rosemary is just thriving and I keep looking for new ways to use it. 

The thyme is growing well and spreading out a little in the container. 

The chives are doing great too. 
I recently used quite a bit of them and they're re-growing quite well.  

The new basil is still a lil guy, 
but I can't wait until it gets bigger and I can start using it!

The mint and the flat leaf parsley are still there, yet aren't doing as hot as the others.  I did a major cutback on the mint this weekend. I got rid of everything that didn't look very healthy.  And the flat leaf parsley just had to go! While watering I noticed what looked like little bug eggs. There were some on almost every shoot so I decided I couldn't take the risk and got rid of almost everything!

The Mint

The Flat Leaf Parsley...
what's left of it anyway!

All three plants that were victims to last week's rain are still around. I'm happy to report that I didn't lose any of them, but at the same time I wish I could say they were all still thriving.  The radishes seem a little weaker, the strawberries still need to be transplanted and the jalapeno is a little droopy.  Even with the droopiness though, I noticed the first blossom of the season. Jalapenos are on the way! MMMMmmm.

The Radishes

The Strawberry Plant

The Jalapeno Plant

The tomato plant is still relatively small, but I have faith that like last year it will turn into a monster. It just needs time. And time is what I shall give it! Time and water. :)

And lime tree.  Ahh the lovely lime tree. While I know for almost certain that I won't be eating anything from it anytime soon, it continues to make me very happy! 

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