Sunday, March 27, 2011

My First Attempt At Fried Chicken!!!

Let me start off by saying that I looooooooooove fried chicken! I found a place really close to my apartment that make some amazing smoke fried chicken, but it's not the cheapest! And chain place...they just don't make fried chicken that is all that great.

I've made fried foods before, but I'd never ventured into the fried meat territories. I've always been scared the outside would be done way before the inside. I solved that problem by using a cooking thermometer and chicken that was cut into very thin pieces! 

That's right...I did it! I made homemade fried chicken that was 100% from scratch! 

It wasn't your traditional fried chicken, but it was just as good! It was all white meat - my favorite - and just strips of meat without the grossness of a chicken bone.  

The chicken hanging out in milk. 
(I used a mixture of heavy cream and 2% instead of the coconut listed in the recipe!)

The flour and cornstarch mixture.

Egg whites!
(Sorry that they're not too appetizing to look at...)

Panko breadcrumbs!
I love them and they really made this dish amazing.

Beginning the frying process.

They're getting close to being done!

Andddddddd they're DONE!!!

So how was my homemade fried chicken on my first attempt? 

Pretty darn amazing!

SO amazing that I want it again, every day for the next... week, maybe month!

I'm joking!

They were really good and will absolutly, without a doubt be made again - just not daily! ;)

I also used the leftovers in a tasty salad for lunch today. Just as tasty as last night! 

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