Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Westgivingston!


What is this Westgivingston stuff?

Does she mean Thanksgiving?!?!?!

Is Robyn CRAZY???

No - no I'm not!

Well maybe a little...

But that's another story for another time! :)

So let me explain before I confuse everyone! 

Alison, one of my best friends, has been doing a Thanksgiving dinner with close friends for years and this year I was lucky enough to be included. The tradition started in New York when she and her husband were in college.  Instead of of calling it Thanksgiving, they called it “Thanksgivingston” because it was a play on the name of the street he lived on at the time. Since they now live on the West Coast, they modified the name a bit and we officially celebrated the first EVER Westgivingston last night!

Just like a normal Thanksgiving, Westgivingston was not lacking on amazing food. It was a FEAST and I'm pretty sure everyone was stuffed!

Since I love to bake and cook, you better bet that I contributed to the meal by making my own goodies! I just can't help myself and I look forward to cooking for things like this.

So what did I make exactly?

Well I'll show ya!

"Restaurant Salad" Ingredients
(Minus a Granny Smith Apple...)

And you can't have a "Restaurant Salad" without a
GIANT bowl from a Restaurant Supply Store!

Lots and lots of spring mix with added extra spinach!

Everything minus the dressing!

I was planning on just making a "Restaurant Salad"...


Buuuuuuuuut since it IS Pie Month on my blog...


I figured it only made sense to make a pie too!!!

My FIRST Pecan Pie
(See a more detailed post on this coming soon.)

Westgivingston was tons and tons of fun and I'm looking to celebrating it in the coming years. For now though, it's time to start planning for the REAL Thanksgiving! It's gonna be here in no time. Get your stretchy pants ready people! :)

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