Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Flowers and More!

My garden has been lacking a lot in the recent weeks and I just couldn't take it any more!!! 

I'd been meaning to plant some "Fall Crops", but other things were more important and I just never got around to it.

I've been missing my fresh herbs tremendously and I didn't want to go any longer without them, so I made a quick trip to Home Depot this weekend.

While there I was lured in by the pretty flowers that can withstand the weather and cool temperatures. I couldn't decide on just one type so I ended up getting two...

Pretty Red Geraniums!

I loved my Geraniums in the past but they were sacrificed to 
save my tomato and basil plants last summer. 
I hope these survive as long, if not longer! 

And these adorable little Pansies!

They are so tiny and cute!  
I was worried they'd really take a beating, 
but they held up in today's downpours so there's hope for the future.

Like I said before - I'd originally gone to Home Depot in hopes to get fresh herbs. I found some of what I was looking for, but not everything so I'll have to make another trip to a garden shop soon!

The few things I DID end up leaving with are things I use very often and I'm happy to have them all back growing in my garden.  

Flat Leaf Parsley



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