Saturday, June 25, 2011

Non-Edible Plants Progress

Sometimes I add updates on my non-edible plants in my weekly garden posts, but I decided it was time to have a post just for these lovely plants. They don't produce anything I can eat or use in my cooking, but I still love them just as much. Their progress amazes me like my edible crops, but they reward me in a different way - with their beauty! 

My dahlia.  

I planted this baby months ago and it took what seemed like forever to even sprout. The sprout grew quickly and before I knew it, it was time to transplant the plant to something bigger!  Once transplanted, the big plant became even bigger! I still have yet to see any buds, but I'm on the lookout because I'll need to trim it back in order to get many blooms.

My Dipt in Wine Coleous.

This too is growing like crazy and really should be transplanted to a bigger pot. I really just haven't had much time, but hope to get around to that in the next few weeks. The plant will thank me - I think!

My two flower pots that I still can't remember what I planted...

I know, stupid Robyn. But ya know, the waiting is kinda fun. It's exciting to see the progress, but I can't wait until they start to bud and bloom so I can find out what I've been growing all along.  

West Coast Wildflower Seed Bombs.

I got my mom some Southwest Wildflower Seed Bombs for her birthday in May and got myself some while I was at it! She recently told me her bombs had "bombed", but I told her to be patient because it took a few weeks for mine to sprout!

My Snap Dragons and Poppies!

They continue to grow and bloom like crazy and I am wishing I'd purchased a few more window-box planters and and more seeds. It took awhile for these suckers too, but man - it was WORTH the wait!

And lastly - my catnip!

Although it's not so "beautiful" and I can't eat it, my two lil furry friends LOVE it and can't get enough. My catnip grows so fast and I've lost count of times I've cut it back to dry to use in homemade toys.  

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