Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Have Jalapenos!

Yup - it's official, I have at least one jalapeno growing right now and multiple other buds and flowers in various stages. The first flower blossomed the beginning of last week and it was only a few days until the little pepper appeared. It's only a matter of time before I can enjoy them as poppers or in salsa or on pizza. Oh the possibilities are endless!

The tomatoes are doing just as well as the jalapenos. I have my first big tomato growing and a few others in the flower stage. I'm really excited to watch this process since I've only grown cherry tomatoes before.

Speaking of the cherry tomatoes - they are great too! I've eaten between five and ten and can't wait to enjoy even more! Mmm Mmm Mmm. :)

The strawberries are going crazy, and getting a little bigger than normal, so we'll see what happens with these berries.

The radishes and green onions are really starting to grow. They're no longer just little, tiny, thin, green shoots.


Green Onions

The garlic and shallots - like normal - are thriving above ground, but one can only hope that means good things are happening below ground! 



My basil is growing like crazy. I'm using it and giving it away too, but it doesn't even look like I've taken a single clipping - it's that BIG!

My other herbs are doing great too, but like usual - I could use more parsley! I use it so often that it can't grow fast enough. Hmmmm






And just because I took pictures of some flowers - here ya go! Enjoy. 

Poppies, Snap Dragons and Dahlias that haven't bloomed!

Lastly, two other flowers I planted from seeds...

But I forgot what they are! :)

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