Sunday, June 5, 2011

1st Tomato of The Year & More!

Yup! My FIRST Tomato of the Season! I got to enjoy the first tomato from my garden last Friday and boy oh boy was it tasty! I was patient and waited until it was bright red and the wait was completely worth it. The tiny little red tomato was so sweet and juicy. I just can't wait for more cheery tomatoes!

And I won't have to wait long because there are TONS on my cherry tomato plant right now.

The biggest one on the vine started turned to the light yellowish color today, so I should be enjoying that before the end or the week!

The other tomato plant is doing just as great and it officially has it's first blossoms. They're much bigger than the cherry tomato blossoms I'm used to and I can't wait to watch them progress. 

The strawberry plant is doing great too, but not as great as the tomato plants. I just wish the strawberries were there size of ones I get at the store. They're just so tinnnnnny, but are super sweet when I do eat the lil suckers!

The jalapeno plants are thriving too. After taking this picture, I transplanted three of the four plants into different planters. Look for the change in next week's update.

Not much has changed with the shallots and garlic. They keep growing and are nice and green, but I can't tell you what's happenin' below ground!



Almost as exciting as the first tomato news is the news that I have two new crops! I've grown both before, but hope for better things for both this time around.  They're both in the early stages - but now I am growing green onions and radishes again!

Teeny Tiny Green Onions

Hoping they don't have any accidents this time around...

And finally - my herbs. They are doing AMAZING and I need suggestions on recipes to use them in. I use them all the time already, but would love some new ideas from YOU! :)





Flat Leaf Parsley


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