Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fruit is Ripening & Flowers are Blooming

Another week has gone by and my garden continues to thrive and amaze me. I love to go outside every day and see all the changes. It's crazy what happens from week to week, and and I'm shocked by what happens from day to day, but what happens from hour to hour is what makes me the most happy and amazed!

The flowers are the most evident of hourly changes. The poppies open in the morning, or when the sun comes out, and then close again every evening when the sun goes down. I loveeeeee to see them change. And the snap peas change quite fast too, just differently than the poppies.  

The tomatoes are another plant that changes fast. It becomes most evident in the ripening stage. So far I've enjoyed a total of FOUR cherry tomatoes. I have many more on the plant waiting to ripen and now I officially have multiple blossoms on my other tomato plant. YAY! :)

Cherry Tomato

Bush Early Girl Tomato 

The jalapenos are doing great too. I have a feeling it has to do with the fact that I transplanted them (after a great friend suggested it) and now they're growing like crazy! I am happy to report that I officially have the first blossom too, but it's far too small to photography clearly.  Jalapenos! Soon! WOO HOO! :)

The shallots and garlic are growing quite a bit too. It seems like their green sprouts really exploded in the last week and I had to do a lot of pruning so they weren't out of control!



The strawberry plant is really doing great too. I have so many new little berries and tons of new blossoms popping up all the time. Just gimmie bigger berries PLEASE!

The new additions - radishes and green onions are really starting to get big. I see the green onions getting thicker and may have to do one last thinning. The radishes got their first thinning this weekend and you can see before and after below! 

Green Onions

Radishes - Before

Radishes - After

The herbs - like always are doing just dandy! I used multiple fresh herbs that I'm growing in numerous recipes this weekend. I didn't use the mint - which I hardly ever do and I didn't use the chives, but I used EVERY OTHER ONE! 

The basil

The chives

The mint

The rosemary

The flat leaf parsley

The thyme

Andddddd that's all folk! Hope you all have a great week and come back for next week's update.  

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