Saturday, July 24, 2010

Robyn vs. Caterpillars - Chapter 2

After spraying my tomato plant weeks ago and getting rid of the lil suckers that were eating the precious leaves, I thought I was in the clear for now as far as caterpillars go...

I hadn't noticed any new munching on my tomato plant, and my basil only had a few little spot that didn't look absolutely perfect.  There would be no complaining from me, just a lot of joy! That is until I was watering my plants on Monday night.

While watering my geranium, I noticed not only that the leaves had tiny to rather big holes munched in them, but that it had stopped flowering too.  I never saw a caterpillar on it, but after quick research online it seems that it was most likely a tobacco worm - similar to a tomato pinworm (what I'm pretty sure was eating my tomato plant). While researching, I found out the Bt I had bought to save the tomato plant, could probably work on this too!

So Tuesday night I came home from work and mixed up a bottle of Bt and went to town trying to save the geranium.  I sprayed the tomato plant and the basil a lil while I was at it.  I'm so afraid of one plant getting infested and then it affecting another. That's the main reason I freaked out when I noticed the poor geranium.

By the time Friday rolled around, the geranium had not gotten better. Sadly, it seemed to have just kept getting worse.  I made the decision that it was time for the geranium to go. I had to. I really don't think there was any saving it.

So RIP geranium.  I'm gonna get you lil caterpillars!

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