Friday, July 9, 2010

A Belated Celebration of GG!

My Great Grandmother's (GG's) Birthday was the beginning of July, but with everything that I did last weekend, I completely forgot about it until early this week.  I'm sorry GG.  I hope you're not up in heaven mad at ma. Love you!

Anyway, I'd meant to post about my GG's amazing banana bread ON her actual birthday, but now will have to do.

The batter

GG's banana bread is so moist and delicious it's hard to eat only one slice.  It was a staple in my household growing up - but usually made by my mom since GG lived in Hemet and we lived in Tucson.

I've made GG's banana bread recipe for the last few years and my friends and co-workers here in LA seem to love it. I've tried making it in many different ways - big loaf, mini loaves, mini-mini loves, muffins and mini muffins!

Mini Loaves Before Baking...

Mini-Mini Loaves Before Baking...

Mini Loaves Ready To Be Consumed...

Mini-Mini Loaves Ready to Be Devoured!

I usually add something extra that wasn't include in GG's recipe though.  As you can see above, it's chocolate chips.  I mix some in AND scatter some more on top before baking. They come out hot and gooey and oh so amazing. My mom has joked in the past that GG's up in heaven upset that I'm adding to her recipe!

Here's to you GG! Happy Birthday. I love you and miss you. XO

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