Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Garden Update: 4 Weeks

Welllllllll we all know what happened to my basil, catnip and tomato plant over the last week, so I'm not going to mention it again in this update.

In happier news - I got to enjoy a salad this week with some lettuce from my second harvest.  The bad part about this story (I guess it's not so happy news after all...) is that I over harvested one of my lettuce heads.  It was an accident and I'm trying to revive it, but only time will tell.  It's very puny compared to it's other lettuce friends, but I'm hoping it'll all be okay.


I also transplanted the other two lettuce heads that were planted by themselves in individual containers.  They had overgrown their tiny black plastic planters awhile ago, but it wasn't until this weekend that I smartened up and transplanted them.  They now shared a much bigger planter that was wider and not too tall.  There is plenty of room for them to grow and flourish now! 

One Head Before Transplant

After Transplant

And now for the weekly photos to show how much everything has grown!

Sweet Basil

Flat Leaf Parsley


Upright Rosemary

Garlic Chives



Attempt 2, 1 Week
(tiiiiiiiiiiny little sprouts!)

Jalapeno Pepper

This is just three of many growing!

Monster Tomato Plant

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes...

...and MORE tomatoes!

Strawberry Plant
There are multiple tiny strawberries growing.
But sadly, my not-so-great camera ONLY
 wants to capture them super blurry.


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