Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Garden Fit For...

...the cats! 

I love my garden, but I think my two furry friends love it even more. 

I've mentioned it before, but I'm saying it again - my cats, well one in particular, likes to eat my plants.  Doesn't really matter what kind, or if it will make him sick, he chows down!  

To lure him away from my plants, I planted yummy cat grass for the two little (okay- not so little who am I kidding?) fellows to enjoy.  They go to town whenever I put the pot of grass down on the floor for them and even go to great measures to get to it when it is up on the balcony table.  

They love the grass.  And they love me for giving them the grass.  This is how I get my kitties to love me.  Ha only kidding! :)

In addition to the kitty crass, they like to munch on catnip leaves whenever I let them. They both do completely different things with the leaves too: Ming bites the leaves to release the liquid and then he rubs all over the leaf and the ground where the leaf has been.  Kahn simply eats the leaves - and he steals Ming's too!  Bad Kahn, bad.  

This catnip plant, like my tomato plant, started about 4 inches tall and continues to get bigger and bigger.  I'm even thinking about clipping some to dry now, but I don't know how much willpower the cats will have to stay away from it when it's drying.  Those guys are sneaky little rascals and get into places I never thought possible!  

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