Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Garden Update: 3 Weeks

My garden continues to thrive and do well, but this week I encountered my first set back - SOMETHING was eating my basil! :(  

It  stated when I found a few leaves with little tiny holes eaten in them. I started picking them off in frustration, but ended up finding what I believe is the culperate...a teeny tiny little green caterpillar.  He really was the hungry caterpillar! I threw him (or her) over my balcony railing with the basil leaf it was munching on.  

If that didn't solve my problem, the next step is to try a garlic, cayenne pepper and dish soap mixture to spray on the basil.  I don't want to do any spray, but I will if it means saving my garden!!!

Sweet Basil

Flat Leaf Parsley


Upright Rosemary

Garlic Chives


I planted 3 cloves in 3 pots, but this is the only one that grew!

Green Leaf Lettuce

Post harvest and still huge!

Jalapeno Peppers

On Friday, I squealed with excitement when I noticed my first baby peppers!
(Sorry for the blurriness...
all are welcome to send better digital cameras for better photo quality!)

The lettuce in the container are blocking the sun from getting to the scallion seeds I planted so they really never had a chance to grow and thrive like the rest of my crops.  With that said, I decided it was time that they got their own home and I planted scallion seeds in a planter all by themselves.  

Attempt 2, Day 1

Monster Tomato Plant

When will my tomatoes turn red???  
The plethora of tomatoes is great, but stop teasing me and lemme taste!

Last week's additions to the garden are doing great.  In fact, the strawberry plant is doing SO well that I decided it was time to more it to a bigger and better planter.  I did some searching online for strawberry planters and almost got the Topsy Turvey version I previously mentioned I was condisering.  Instead, I used a hanging basket I already had that resembled an option I had found online.  So far, so good! 

Strawberry Plant Pre-Transplant

Strawberry Plant Post-Transplant

Strawberry Plant Hanging

And last but not least...Mint

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