Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Garden Update: 2 Weeks

I cannot believe it's only been two weeks.  The growth that's occurred in that amount of time just amazes me.  I am surprised every day when I see how well everything is doing.  

I recently realized that it's getting a little too hot for my lettuce, but I've been giving that a little extra love and it seems to be doing just fine.  I should be able to start eating some of it sometime next week.  I am excited and can't wait to taste my first home grown lettuce!!!

I have used all of my herbs in multiple dishes already, except for my cilantro.  I'm just waiting for it to get a little bit bigger and bushier and then I plan to make a batch of my homemade salsa.  Mmmm my mouth waters just thinking about it!

Sweet Basil

Flat Leaf Parsley


Upright Rosemary

Garlic Chives


It's doing soooo well!

Green Leaf Lettuce

Jalapeno Peppers

Look! The blooms that become the peppers.

AND the scallions are starting to sprout, 
but are too tiny to photograph currently!

Oh and remember the tomato plant?  The one that is becoming a monster? Yeah - that one!  It's growing, growing, growing!  Annnnnnnd I'm finding oh so many tomatoes.  I hope they're good or I've been excited over absolutely nothing.  Only time will tell.  Until then, look at this thing!!!

So many...and this is just one part of the plant! :)

I also have a few new additions to my garden.  To be honest, they've been here all alone, but I wasn't sure how they were doing so I didn't want to post about them only to have to report that they had died.  They're both doing amazingly well now, so I'm pleased to introduce the two newest additions: my strawberry plant and mint!  

Strawberry Plant


I'm currently debating getting the Topsy Turvy Strawberry Planter seeing how well the tomato one is doing for me!  I'll keep you updated.

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